Day 2! 

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I had a busy day yesterday. I messed up the timing of my supplements and I still got through. I can see that this is making a difference. Telling people what I am doing and standing firm and only eating on plan is helping me. The more rigid meal plan is helping my mindset already. I am having good food, and I feel full after eating (some meals are hard to finish due to quantity). 

Breakfast – Tropical Oatmeal was a delicious meal! Warm, comforting oatmeal filled with papaya, pineapple (mango substitute due to allergy), and unsweetened shredded coconut! A great filing breakfast! I would make this one again. 1/2 cup of each fruit and 1/4 cup of coconut I think. Made this for hubby and he enjoyed it too. 

Lunch – this was a Greek style salad with chicken. I believe this was my last meatitarian meal so I did enjoy that chicken! There was a little cheat in here, that chicken is from the local shawarma place. It was delish. I got hubby the chicken shwarama platter (and had to smell it the whole drive home) and used a little chicken on my big salad. Yummy! Oh and those olives on there are salty and tasty. I think they are sun dried kalamatas. 

Snack – a honeycrisp apple! (Again, supposed to be green but these treasures are rare in our grocery stores and it was amazing. No ragrets.)

Not even one. 😝

Supper – Vegan Taco Rice Bowl

This recipe called for a small corn shell tortilla. I have NO IDEA how it would fit in there 😂 there is so much filling! My corn tortillas were a bit old so I skipped the shell (hey I had that fancy chicken at lunch so I’m sure that’s an ok swap). Now this meal is something I would have again – black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, corn and a delish sprouted brown/red/japonica rice. Easy to make and those flavours of the south that I love! 

Are you ready to try this? It’s doable! The food is good! Well, the food I have had so far… tomorrow I try lentils. 🙈 Wish me luck! 


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