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Masterclass Cooking School with Gordon Ramsay

I was lucky enough to receive the Gordon Ramsay master class cooking school as a gift at Christmas. This course is filled with over 20 hours of video, a course workbook,  and the support of the forum boards which may or may not be visited by Chef Ramsay.

After watching the preliminary videos, I chose to dive into one of the first lessons where we perfect poaching eggs.  Who would think that poaching an egg would be something that I need to practice? I think I did well for my first attempt using Chef’s methods. 

This is a brioche roll toasted, with a bacon and mushroom sauté, topped with the poached egg and garnished with spicy micro greens.
As my husband is lactose intolerant, I had to make a variation for him that did not include finishing the bacon and mushrooms in butter. So here is his version, this is  multigrain toast with bacon and mushroom sauté using vegan Becel margarine. Topped with a poached egg and finished with the spicy micro greens as well.


I hope you enjoy this video of me slicing into it!! 🙂

Since this was my first attempt, I felt satisfied with it but knew that I would make some adaptations. I prefer my mushrooms sauté to be more seasoned than the recipe calls for. So today I remade this recipe and did it my own way.

I’m sure it looks exactly the same to you but I can tell the difference, and it tasted even better. I think I will do a live broadcast soon on the egg poaching technique. Poached eggs are delicious!!! 🙂

Next up – scrambled eggs!