Day 1 of the Ultimate Reset!

Today was day 1 of 21. I started it with all good intentions and it went well. Today is a Friday and I did not have to work, so I was able to spend my time prepping and getting groceries for phase 1 (week 1).

Sometimes it feels weird that this program isn’t available in Canada, yet the supplements involved in the program are pretty much identical to the 3 Day Refresh and better yet, it’s natural. So I don’t get the delay or the need for me to get it out of the States. (Stepping off my soapbox now) 😉

Waking up and taking supplements wasn’t different for me as that’s what I have to do with my thyroid meds anyways. I have high hopes for this program, as I have strayed too far from the 80/20 clean eating plans. I think some weeks are more like 60/40 and excuses creep back in. No more excuses!

Breakfast – I had 2 scrambled eggs, steamed arugula (didn’t have any spinach on hand), and 1 piece of whole grain toast. This was a yummy breakfast I am used to. Drinking water with the mineralize supplement added to it is fine!

Lunch – Miso soup was good, I had the miso paste from a health food store in town. It wasn’t as good as the local sushi restaurant but it was tasty. I was surprised how much soup and salad there was. I struggled to eat the full amount of salad and barely finished the soup. I’m glad I ordered miso soup and salad yesterday from the sushi restaurant as it mentally prepared me for today 🙂

Snack – power greens in a vegan chocolate shakeo with frozen blueberries, ice and water. This was a bit strong, and I will eventually do the power greens as a shot since I really want food for an afternoon snack. Today was cold and snowing all day (come on weather, it’s only mid October!) so I enjoyed herbal tea several times today as well.

Supper – UGH. Salmon. I have a fish allergy and yes there are substitutes (chicken, yogurt, or 1 egg). I was trying to find tempeh in town for the vegan recipe and only found a fake meat that was made of the same ingredients as tempeh. Not the same. Wrong choice. I did try a few bites of salmon that I made for hubby, but it had some seasoning on it. It really wasn’t something that would be on plan, so I stopped eating it (I know, I probably shouldn’t have pushed the allergy… so I stopped).

I felt good today and did some stretching/yoga as my exercise.

Overall, this was a good day and a positive experience for Day 1. Currently, I miss fruit like crazy. I want to eat an apple. But it’s not on the plan and I am done eating for the day. I have some lime slices in my water (don’t think that’s on plan either… so this might be the “treat” to get me to bed time). They don’t suggest the “water bar” like they do on the refresh. I think now that I got today under my belt, I am able to look forward to tomorrow. I am staying focused on one day at a time. Grateful that I have 3 days to get started before I return to work. Will need to load timers on my phone for supplements, especially when I am back at work.

Can you do this?  Yes you can! I would love to help. Message me on FB/IG or email me radiant.health.life@gmail.com and we can help you get your UR! Let’s change our lives together!

Health and Wellness · Ultimate Reset

Here we go! 

I am starting my health and wellness site! Welcome. I am so glad you are here. Today is a special day because my Ultimate Reset arrived from my coach Jamie. 

This is a 3 week/21 Day cleanse. The same program that I couldn’t ever imagine doing a year ago. I am ready to dig in and change my relationship with food. Too many treats have creeped into my plan and so have excuses. Time to reflect and give myself a chance to reset or tune up my body with healthy foods. 

I was pumped to unpack this because Jamie had wrapped it like a gift. I think that’s fitting because she has said this program changed her life. I know I can benefit from a time to refresh and regroup. 

Can’t wait to tell you more! I will keep you posted when I start, as I am waiting for my friend’s Ultimate Reset to arrive.